What sauce is best for meatball sub?

Homemade veal and Parmesan meatballs in fresh marinara sauce topped with melted mozzarella cheese, all on toasted bread. The nutritional information provided is an estimate and will vary depending on the cooking methods and brands of ingredients used. The ingredients and instructions for homemade meatballs are also included in this recipe. Frozen meatballs are an option, as everyone has different items available at this time.

The base of the sauce uses tomato passata, which consists essentially of 26% cooked strained tomato puree. It's thick and super soft, making it perfect for meatball sandwiches. There are no large chunks of tomatoes, which means it wraps up the meatballs very well. This recipe requires a store-bought shortcut, which we love.

Use your favorite brand of spaghetti sauce for this recipe. However, of course, you can make your own homemade spaghetti sauce if you prefer. Both Subway Vinaigrette and Sweet Onion go well with a meatball sandwich. But only one, don't mix them up.

I made the meatballs from scratch (with gluten-free breadcrumbs) and, although I quadrupled the recipe, it was easy and quick to make and roll out the meatballs. Onions and garlic are included in the ingredients of the meatballs, but they are not mentioned in the instructions for forming the meatballs. While those meatball sandwiches are made entirely for your guests (you fill a sandwich roll with meatballs, sauce, cheese and bake it), this handmade meatball subbar puts the creation of the sandwich in the hands of your guests.

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